It is very convenient and simple to inflate the air track mat ( For your convenience, we provide you with the steps of air track inflating in detail.

Before starting work, it is important that you read the safety instructions carefully.
You need to find a good and flat surface for your air track to avoid damage, make sure there are no sharp objects on the surface. If you want to inflate the air track outside, please make sure you put something under the mat for protection.
Have You Found a Good Position to Place on it?
If yes, then place your air track (with the bag around it) in the desired location. Remove the bag from the air track and unfold the mat. Then place the pump in the connection and connect it to one of the valves (no matter which one you start from, they are the same). Turn on the pump and wait for the air track to inflate hard enough at the required pressure.
Is the Air Track Mat Pumped Enough?
Then turn off the pump and disconnect it from the mat. That’s right, the mat is now ready for use! If the air track is over-inflated, you can lower the pressure by pressing the valve.

Of course, if you think you need more pressure, you can add more air to the mat. The more inflated, the harder the air track.

The air track mat is very fast to be inflated, and it can be filled within 3 minutes. And after being full, use it for a long time.
How Can You Deflate an Air Track Mat?
How do you drain your air track? Make sure your device is not wet or dirty. Plug the pump in and turn it on, then use a hose to connect it to the valve you inflated to deflate it.

There are tricks and skills for performing on an air track mat, if you want to know more, we will update more articles related to air tracks next. And Kameymall ( is your first choice of buying an air track mat.